Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letter FROM President Barak Obama

I write an impassioned letter to president Barak Hussein Obama regarding the oppressed Palestinians on March 24, 2013. Being a pragmatist, I am not expecting a response.

To my pleasant surprise, the President does write back. It is somewhat of a standard, expected response really, but a comeback nevertheless, for which I give the man much credit. Worldwide heads of states are not terribly inclined to respond to their constituents, many may not even bother to read the document. Why, some of them, with mean, inflated egos, will take offence, I reckon; I can think of many ‘leaders’ in Africa, Asia and the Middle East who would love to made mincemeat kachoomber out of holy me.

Thank you Mr. President, this nice touch is one more reason I make the USA my home.

Here is the President’s response:

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Mustafa.. said...

Salaam alaikum
a reply from Obama might be a surprise but, it is a very unpleasant one..
a warm reply from a brutal and cold-blooded murderer should be a warning signal for you, my dear brother. .
I read you letter to him, and I was not impressed by your sentiments towards the American regime, and also towards the president of America. .
being complacent about the evil that is perpetrated by such an evil regime is exactly what the American regimes wants from the Muslims.
although you clearly mentioned that what is happening in Palestine is unfair, and you are proud to be a Muslim. . that is very clear to all! it doesn't require reiteration. in fact barack Obama doesn't need to look at that documentary to increase his knowledge about the atrocities Israel is committing. he already knows that more than you. .
what was important to mention, was to clearly tell him that he is knowingly supporting an illegitimate and ruthless regime.
you should have told him that his speeches, that talk about fairness and justice are a clear indication of his prejudiced nature. what you should have reminded him about was his atrocious role in the middle-east, supporting the Syrian insurgents, sending drones to attack Muslims and his double-standards regarding the Taliban and Al-Qaeda
you mentioned that he is a Christian . what type of Christian supports ruthless dictators? what kind of Christian actually encourages gayism and homosexuality. for the world of me, why didn't you ask him about the disgusting message he sent to that basketball player that claimed to be a gay openly?
there is much more to say. . but I can tell you, I am not at all surprised now that Obama replied that letter. . for it was leaded with complacency and lack of true concern.
I am not surprised at all for his reply, for he wants to encourage such a mind-set in the Muslims. . again, a soft reply from the enemy, is a warning sign for you. .
these are sincere comments, hope you take them positively. .