Monday, October 27, 2008

The Indian psyche

I am back briefly; will be gone again tomorrow, off to constant danger and the anguish of a forgotten and abandoned people...

India has come a long way; gone are days of dour infrastructure and endless red tape; why, you can actually apply for a passport and get one in a week, you can have your choice of flight with first class airlines that are compatible or better than any in the West, I am writing this blog on a high speed broadband line. Yet, consider this:The supreme court of India actually intervened to stop the culling of stray dogs...the supreme court!

On my return flight from London last week, I had a white family of 4 on the left hand side and an Indian family of 3 on the right, both set of parents with really good looking infants on their laps. The time and attention given to the White families kids made me want to vomit; the only thing these flight attendants did not do was kiss their assess. I did not observe anyone of them even saying a remote "hello" to the baby of color.

Why do movie actors of India insist on wearing dark sunglasses at night?

West Andheri, a reasonable upper middle income neighborhood, where I live, stinks. I mean really, really stinks; enough to spoil your appetite if the prevailing winds were to travel across a sewer collection pool a few miles away. The prevailing winds have a tendency of blowing across West Andheri from the pool just when you begin dinner.

Diwali mercifully passed on last night, without making me deaf. I thought I was in a war zone with powerful firecrackers booming through the night like tanks in a battlefield. I swear the Indian Army will be in a state of utter confusion if an enemy were to attack during the cover of this festival. Let’s fervently pray Mumbai Municipality Corporation clean up used paraphernalia mess from the streets soon.

About Afghanistan when I return...

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